Amazing event! Amazing community! Thank you!

What a night!  The generosity and community spirit we saw tonight was just overwhelming. We, the community, had already raised over $11,000 in donations for tickets to Rally in the Valley. Then, once there, you opened up your hearts once again — supporting the 50/50, the tricky tray, the silent auction, the wrist band sales — with donation after donation.

We’ll wait for an official total, but unofficially you raised another $14,000 tonight. That means the grand total for the evening was about $25,000 to help Glenn and help find a cure!!

Hopefully we’ll see lots of pictures from the great photographers who were there, but for now, here are a few phone shots to give you a sense of tonight’s magic.

Update: click here for some fantastic event photos from Long Valley Patch!



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3 responses to “Amazing event! Amazing community! Thank you!

  1. Stacie Bohr

    What an amazing evening. Great job by all who organized. A room full of terrific people. And for Glenn…the love for him was so palpable that you could almost touch it!!

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  3. How many things are not used for the cause of… what-makes-the-world-go-around.
    Run From The Cure… is one.

    The truth about Dr. Otto Warburg you will not read on sites such as American Cancer Society.
    Read… The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer a lecture by Otto Warburg from 1966 in Germany translated into English by Dean Burk. I posted this on my site. Oxygen is almost free and that is the enemy to the medical money people. And it is really sad the best is kept from Glenn and many others.

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