About Glenn’s Treatment in Germany

Silvia Lightner, Glenn’s Mom, sent us this link from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) which “does a pretty good job at explaining the treatment Glenn is doing in Germany and the history of it.”

The article, “Fever, Pyrogens and Cancer” begins:

“The observation, that cancer patients who experienced a feverish period after surgery survived significantly longer than patients without fever, and the fact that spontaneous tumor remission was observed mostly after a fever period, was the rationale for the artificial induction of fever (“fever therapy”).”

Click here for the full article. This hypothermic treatment will complement the Immunotherapy Glenn is receiving in Belgium.

We all wish Glenn the very best of luck with this new treatment!


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One response to “About Glenn’s Treatment in Germany

  1. Angelia

    I am a mother of a child whom was diagnosed at 8 months old with ependymoma. Finished a year of treatment at St Jude’s we have two support groups and I came across an article about this new treatment – we would be so grateful for you to share your experience with this new therapy.

    My sons site is http://www.nickybear.com

    The groups are at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/ependyparents


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