THANK YOU from Larry and Silvia Lightner

Dear Family and Friends,

This is just a quick note, but it comes from our hearts.  We would like to extend our sincerest thanks for everyone’s participation in all the fundraisers to support Glenn’s search for a cure. Our wish would be to personally thank each and everyone involved; however as there are so many who have contributed in so many different ways, this would not be possible.  We would especially like to thank our family, and our neighbors The Hedworths, The Cavallones, The Macintyres, The Yaskulkas, The Rettas, and The Triants who have been instrumental in turning our hopes for alternative treatments into a reality.  They have also been a source of continued emotional support. We are also very grateful to Jason Koestenblatt from the Long Valley Patch and Bob Thomas from the Observer-Tribune for their instrumental parts in getting the message out to so many.

A cancer diagnosis is a very frightening experience, more so if the person being diagnosed is your precious child.  This diagnosis was a numbing and awful event, and from the beginning of this difficult journey, we tried to maintain hope and followed the recommendations given to us by the experts.   Unfortunately with each recurrence, the chance for remission with conventional therapies became very grim.  Facing such a terrible and scary prognosis, as any parents would, we were forced to seek other ways to treat our son.  Our extensive research led us to treatments offered, often with much success, in Europe.

While there are no guarantees when it comes to such an evil disease, your generosity has made a difference in our lives; it has given us the opportunity to afford treatments for a child who conventional doctors had given up on. It has given us hope!  It is our sincerest wish that our journey will inspire other parents to push through the nightmare and never give up on the search for a cure.

Your support has not only come in the form of monetary donations, volunteering for events, etc,  but also through prayers, cards, letters, and your offers to support our family in any way needed.

Again, words will never be enough to express our gratitude.


Silvia and Larry Lightner



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2 responses to “THANK YOU from Larry and Silvia Lightner

  1. john oehler

    Please try researching radiosurgery with Dr.Gil Lederman, if you have not seen him please do. His website is

  2. Linda Krupp

    Continuing to pray for you all. Please also consider checking out they are researching Non-Invasive Radio Wave therapy for cancer in Texas & Pittsburgh. May God give you all the strength you need daily.

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