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LV Patch: Community ‘Runs Like Lightning,’ Nets $9,700

Local PBA hosted 5K to benefit Glenn Lightner Saturday at the Long Valley Middle School.

According to Jason from the Long Valley Patch, “The latest in fundraising efforts to support Glenn Lightner, a 13-year-old Long Valley teen pursuing alternative medicine to cure the brain cancer he’s been battling since 2007, has brought in $9,700.”

Thank you to everyone for an amazing fundraiser and fun day!


That’s Glenn’s brother Karl Lightner at right, who shot the starting gun at the race. Click on over to Patch for dozens more great photos.


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Updated: More Help is Needed, More Fun-Raising Events!

Dear Friends, Family, and Neighbors,

As many of you know, a group of us have formed to help the Lightners in their journey to find a cure for their 13 year old son, Glenn, who has been courageously fighting brain cancer for many years, with a strong fight taking him all the way to Europe from March to July of this year. Glenn received treatments in Belgium and Germany that would not have been possible without your help and generosity. The community of Long Valley and many other individuals, groups, and organizations have been extremely thoughtful, caring, generous, prayful, and supportive of Glenn and his family. This support has been gratefully appreciated by the Lightners as they struggle to help their son. Please see the Long Valley Patch article below to get a glimpse of what the Lightners have been going through and how your generosity and helping hearts and hands have helped them.

Glenn has just returned to Belgium and Germany again this past weekend, after a short stay at home with his family in Long Valley. We know that you have given so much of your time, ideas, fundraisers, and monetary donations, however, the need for fundraisers is still present, as the family continues with Glenn’s treatment, seeking every avenue possible to save their son. With this in mind, we are again asking for your help.
We have the following fundraisers planned that we hope you will find fun and enjoyable. Please plan to participate in one or as many as you wish.

*  Mt. Airy Casino Bus Trip  *  Tough Mudder Sponsorship

We hope that you will be able to reach out again to help this local family. We also ask for your help in spreading the word. Please forward this email to all friends and family and post it on Facebook.

Your support is what keeps the Lightners going. Thank you again for everything you have done. Please continue to keep Glenn in your prayers.

Sincerely ,

The Rally in the Valley Team

Lauren and Tom Hedworth 908-979-1320
Mary Ann and Tom Macintyre 908-850-8576
Jenny and Mario Cavallone 908-850-3014
Dorene and Keith Rettas 973-713-1097
David and Debbie Yaskulka 908-850-0487
Steve and Michele Triant 973-945-6596
Michelle Barbato 908-442-3773
Leanne Costantino Ajbuszyc 908-391-8672

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Rally for Glenn on Facebook

Rally for Glenn on FacebookWith new treatments and escalating medical costs for the Lightner family, our community is stepping up again to help!  We’ll let you know about new fundraisers in the coming days.

In the mean time, please join us on Facebook to stay connected to this caring community!

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THANK YOU from Larry and Silvia Lightner

Dear Family and Friends,

This is just a quick note, but it comes from our hearts.  We would like to extend our sincerest thanks for everyone’s participation in all the fundraisers to support Glenn’s search for a cure. Our wish would be to personally thank each and everyone involved; however as there are so many who have contributed in so many different ways, this would not be possible.  We would especially like to thank our family, and our neighbors The Hedworths, The Cavallones, The Macintyres, The Yaskulkas, The Rettas, and The Triants who have been instrumental in turning our hopes for alternative treatments into a reality.  They have also been a source of continued emotional support. We are also very grateful to Jason Koestenblatt from the Long Valley Patch and Bob Thomas from the Observer-Tribune for their instrumental parts in getting the message out to so many.

A cancer diagnosis is a very frightening experience, more so if the person being diagnosed is your precious child.  This diagnosis was a numbing and awful event, and from the beginning of this difficult journey, we tried to maintain hope Continue reading


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