In the News

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• “Community Runs Like Lightning, Nets 5K,”  Long Valley Patch, 10/7/12

• “Long Valley Teen’s Battle with Cancer Continues. Community Remains Supportive,”  Observer-Tribune, 9/28/12

• “Long Valley Raises Funds for Teen in Five Year Battle With Cancer,”  Star Ledger, 9/23/12

• “To the ends of the earth in search of son’s cure,”  Star Ledger, 6/14/12

• “Pizza Party Lands Major Dough for Lightner,”  Long Valley Patch, 5/16/12

• “Cucinella Kids Raise $6,888 for Lightner,”  Long Valley Patch, 5/14/12
(also reported here, 4/17/12)

• “Huge support for Long Valley teen,”  Observer-Tribune, 5/10/12

• “‘Suspicious Spot’ Removed from Teen’s Brain,”  Long Valley Patch, 5/10/12

• “Teen With Brain Cancer Gets Help From Afar,”  Long Valley Patch, 5/2/12

• “PHOTOS: Valley Rallies for Teen With Cancer,”  Long Valley Patch, 4/29/12

• “Hundreds Come Out to Support Lightner Family,”  Long Valley Patch, 4/29/12

• “Support keeps flowing for Long Valley cancer victim,”  Observer-Tribune, 4/26/12

• “Soccer Players Score for Teen Battling Cancer”  Long Valley Patch, 4/26/12

• “Long Valley rallies around sick boy… planning a dinner to raise money”  Daily Record, 4/22/12

• “‘Plan A’ Going Well for Teen Battling Cancer,”  Long Valley Patch, 4/19/12

• “‘Rally’ Expanding for Teen With Brain Cancer,”  Long Valley Patch, 4/15/12

• “Community’s love, support grows in Washington Township for ailing child,”  Observer-Tribune, 4/13/12

• “Old Farmers Students Hoop it Up for Lightner,”  Long Valley Patch, 4/10/12

• “Last Chance: Val’s Pals Gift to Benefit Glenn Lightner,”  Long Valley Patch, 4/7/12

• “Long Valley Women’s Club to aid youth’s cancer battle,”  Observer-Tribune, 4/6/12

• “Students Use Break to Benefit Lightner Family,”  Long Valley Patch, 4/5/12

• “Lightner: Son Doing Well Undergoing Treatment,”  Long Valley Patch, 4/5/12

• “Market’s grand opening offers grand gesture,”  Daily Record, 4/5/12

• “Club Cancels ‘Mayfest’ to Help Lightner Rally,”  Long Valley Patch, 3/29/12

“Long Valley Community Coalesces to help youth battle cancer” – Observer Tribune, 3/23/12

“Local Children Fundraising for Glenn Lightner” – Long Valley Patch, 3/22/12

“Family Goes Overseas to Battle Brain Cancer” – Long Valley Patch, 3/22/12

“Neighbors set up website to raise money for Glenn Lighter” –, 3/16/12

“LV Bands Together for Teen with Brain Cancer – Long Valley Patch, 3/14/12


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