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LV Patch: Community ‘Runs Like Lightning,’ Nets $9,700

Local PBA hosted 5K to benefit Glenn Lightner Saturday at the Long Valley Middle School.

According to Jason from the Long Valley Patch, “The latest in fundraising efforts to support Glenn Lightner, a 13-year-old Long Valley teen pursuing alternative medicine to cure the brain cancer he’s been battling since 2007, has brought in $9,700.”

Thank you to everyone for an amazing fundraiser and fun day!


That’s Glenn’s brother Karl Lightner at right, who shot the starting gun at the race. Click on over to Patch for dozens more great photos.


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Observer-Tribune: Huge support for Long Valley teen (front page)

Observer-Tribune staff writer Bob Thomas delivered another front-page story to keep the community informed about Rally in the Valley and Glenn. He wrote:

Long Valley has responded to help cancer victim Glenn Lightner and his family far beyond the hope of early organizers, who set $107,000 as their goal.

As of Tuesday, May 8, $121,185 had been collected through a seemingly endless series of fundraisers and direct donations at the Cure for Glenn website.

 The additional monies will probably be needed…

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LV Patch: ‘Suspicicious Spot’ Removed from Teen’s Brain

“The surgery went well and Glenn is doing well”

Larry gave an update on Glenn’s condition to Jason Koestenblatt of the Long Valley Patch, recounting that Glenn came back to to the U.S. for a “small surgery” following the results of an MRI.

According to the Patch:

The journey through Belgium to receive alternative medicinal treatments for Glenn Lightner’s brain cancer took a quick detour through Memphis, Tennessee this week, but the Long Valley teen is heading back to Europe this Saturday.

Click here for the full story.

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Observer-Tribune: “Support keeps flowing”

According to the Observer-Tribune:

A wide spectrum of individuals and businesses have raised $85,000 for a charity to offset medical costs for a young Long Valley battling cancer.

“For the past five years, it seemed every time the phone rang it was bad news. This is the first time in five years that so many good things have happened in a row,” said Larry Lightner, whose son, Glenn, 13, is in the midst of  experimental treatment to stave off his cancer.

Residents and businesses in Long Valley and surrounding areas have poured out their hearts and wallets to the Lightner  family as his five year battle with cancer reaches a peak this weekend.

“As usual, the scale of what has happened in Long Valley has me at a loss for words,” said Mr. Lightner. “I never imagined anything like this could happen.”

Read the full story here.

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